SAMPLE Winter menu 

Steamed rice

Green chicken curry w/ Asian herbs

Braised mussaman curry

Thai red curry of roasted pumpkin, tofu, snake beans, and baby corn with thai basil and coriander

Steamed bok choy

Green mango salad w/ shallots, bean sprouts, mint, coriander, chili, palm sugar and lime juice.

Salad of cucumber ribbons w/ soy praline peanuts

Shredded iceberg lettuce and sesame seeds

Selection of breads

sample Spring Menu

Roasted kipler potatoes

Pan fried prawns

Grilled chicken breast served w/ black bean, corn capsicum and avocado salsa

Brown rice cooked in vegetable stock then layered w/ fresh broad beans, capsicums, soffritto and fresh herbs

Traditional Caesar salad with prosciutto on the side

Grilled artichokes and hand picked spring beans with fried radicchio

Rocket orange, and fennel salad

Selection of breads




SAMPLE Summer menu


Steamed rice

Pulled pork

Chicken salad w/ jalepeno , coriander , shallots and a fresh lime dressing

Bean Mole

Tomato , Spanish onion , Coriander & Corn Salsa

Shredded Iceberg

Sour cream , Cheese

Homemade hot chilli sauce


SAMPLE Autumn menu

Cinnamon scented cous cous w/ pinenuts and herbs

Chicken tagine w/ green olives sliced lemons, almonds and fresh herbs

Ling in a bag served w/ fennel and Green beans

Roast vegetable and chickpea chermoula w/ warm pita bread

Salad of tomato, feta, roasted red onion, cucumber, and dill

Trio of steamed peas

Green salad of Rocket, shaved parmesian, and orange

Beetroot relish, hummus, yogurt dip